Hello there Wanderer!

Now that you have walked into my turf let me show you my craft and wares. I’ve got all kinds of arms to offer – guns, rifles… Oh, you fancy yourself the melee type? What about a stealthy dagger, or a sword? Something bigger… A battle ax? I’ve even got a giant war hammer just for you. Need protection. Here is the finest armor you’ll find around town. If that’s not per your liking, I can craft even something just for you.

This may sound like something from a fantasy or a sci-fi world to you, but it is what I do for a living.

My name is Georgi Velev and I am an engineering student. I have been doing props as a hobby since 2012 plus I’ve grown up costuming and larping. Over the years my hobby which was supposed to be a work-related stress relief method has evolved to be my primary passion and pass-time. Thus I quit my day job and found Hexed Props and here I am, ready to venture into new horizons.