Here you will find some propmaking FAQ and guidelines.

Q: How much would a prop cost me?

A: As you might happen to know prop-making is a creative and time-consuming process. The materials aren’t cheap, so to achieve something beautiful there must be reciprocal compensation. A gallon of resin here costs $140 mind you! Despite materials the costlier thing is actually how time consuming the process is. A foam helmet takes around 40 hours to make. Compare that to a 9 -5 job’s wage of $9-$12/h and you’ll see that that @200 pistol is actually quite a bargain. You are also paying for the experience of the artist, which isn’t the same as  a store clerk’s! Remember the three rules of commissioned work:

1.Good and Cheap won’t be fast

2.Fast and Good won’t be cheap

3. Fast and Cheap won’t be good

Q:How much time does it take to make a prop?

A:That’s a tough one. It depends on the size, complexity and material of the prop. Build time isn’t all that should be counted. The endless hours of gathering reference images, material research and acquisition takes a huge chunk of time. Also material cure time is not to be underestimated. Some things have to cure for about 24 hours so they can be worked with, only to be applied again.

Let’s say a helmet takes 40 hours build time – that’s 5 days right of the hat. But with all the research, blueprinting and material gathering can be another 40 hours. I might be pulling 12 hour shifts 7 days a week now, so I can give you guy’s the cool stuff that you deserve and want, but that will be for a time!

Q:I ordered a prop and I need it after two weeks by XX, would it be ready?

A: Might be, might be not! If you are setting a tight deadline be sure check with the maker beforehand. And be prepared to pay for it, A LOT. I’m swamped with orders for at least a month and a half in advance, so don’t expect that you will get before the other people in the queue. Sure when there are people that don’t mind delays i do some swap outs and procure some orders earlier,  but that’s not always the case. And beware of shipping – it normally takes about 2 weeks, unless you pay $200 extra and have it delivered the day after. So requesting time, without checking beforehand is quite disrespectful, keep that in mind.

Q: Will you make me XXXX from XXXX?

A: Sure I will! Only if you are prepared to give what it takes to get it! Sure if you hit my sweet spot and get me excited about a project I can pour my heart and soul into it, for little to no compensation, just for the thrill. But if you require something made that doesn’t quite strike home, you’ll have to make up some way. Be sure to check out this custom commisions contact form and ask for a quote if you want something custom.

Q: I want item XXXX made with material XXXX. I accept no other alternatives

A: Sure I try to use materials as requested, but sometimes that’s a no go. Maybe I cannot find them locally, or I am not fond of using them, or are too expensive for the task at hand. There are a lot of variables and sometimes you’ll have to compromise, else you’ll have to get somebody else who is up to the task

Q: Why is shipping so slow?

A: I am located in Europe and shipping internationally. Shipments in Europe arrive in about a week. For the rest of the world it’s 2+ weeks depending on how frequent shipments are there for said country. If you need something express there are a lot of different options, but they start from about $200 and go up.

Q: Item XXXX doesn’t fit me, I want a refund.

A: Not being able to take the measurements I need myself, means that you yourself should be precise with them. No matter how many instructions, images and drawings I provide if the measures aren’t correct there is not much I can do after I ship the item. I know I ask for too much information but that so I can eliminate much of the error. So if i ask for some fullbody images as well as measurements, don’t be shy and put some tight clothing. I do math with these! Baggy clothing defeats the whole purpose.

I’ll be regularity updating this list when more common questions appear, so be sure to check once in a while