Worbla is a thermoplastic material with great potential for craft and hobbyist alike. Worbla can easily be used to create wearable 3D objects with a great amount of detail, or for example sculpts. It comes in thin sheets of various sizes which can easily be cut to pieces and molded to the desired shape.

The strong points of the material are that it glues to itself without the need for extra glue. It can be molded with ease when heated either by hot air, water or steam(min. 90°C). When heated the material feels like a putty and can be tempered with sculpting tools for a few minutes before it cools down and hardens.Worbla can be heated and shaped numerous times, with no impact on it’s mechanical properties. This allows scraps to be reused for small details, or even blended and pressed into a sheet again.

Worbla is a very versatile and non-hazardous material. It can be used for jewelry, masks, armors, figurines, signs and whatever you set your mind onto. It can be finished with wood glue, or plastic primers, then painted with spray or brush-able acrylics

Worbla comes into three variations:

Worbla’s Finest Art

Most widespread variant of the material. It has excellent mechanical properties and can be molded when heated above 90 degrees Celsius. Sheets come in brown color.

Worbla’s Transpa Art

This is the transparent variant of the material. It requires higher operating temperature(min 120 degrees Celsius), so working with gloves is recommended. When kneaded the material becomes opaque which makes it perfect for diffusing light.

Worbla’s Black Art

The newest member in Worbla family, Black Art has smoother surface compared to regular Worbla. Thus it requires less finishing to get a polished look. Black Art allows the modeler to achieve a greater level of detail with ease

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